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Power Mobility

Have you lost the ability to do normal activities because your experiencing mobility issues?

Have you had any balance issues?

Have fallen in the last 6 months?

Do you experience pain in your hands, shoulders or back?



If you do not have the upper body strength to propel yourself with a manual wheelchair then you may be a candidate for a Power Wheelchair that can assist you in doing your daily activities that you need; like go to restroom, get something to eat in the kitchen, and go to your bedroom when your ready to go.

Common Diagnosis

344.1  Paraplegia                                                             335.20  Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis                            344.0  Quadraplegia                        340.0    Multiple Sclerosis

359     Muscular Dystrophy                                       342.9    Bilateral Hemiparesis                                                428.0  CHF                                                 496     COPD                 


714.0    Severe Rhumatoid Arthritis                  491.8    Chronic Bronchitis                                                        492.8  Emphysema                            713.5   Choreathetosis

358.0  Myasthenia Gravis                                          356.9   Polyneuropathy, Advanced                                   355.9  Neuropathy                              332     Parkinson Dx, Advanced      


334.9   Spinocerebellar Degeneration          357.7  Inflammatory & Tonic Neuropathy                   334.9  Spinocerebellar Degeneration           


333.6  Dystonia Musculorum, Deformation                                                                                           897     Amputation of Upper or combination of Upper/Lower Extremities


Jazzy Select® 6


The Jazzy Select® 6 incorporates sporty design and performance features for a truly unique ride experience.

Pride’s patented Active-Trac® Suspension combined with six wheels on the ground and an innovative articulating beam allow for superior performance indoors and out, with added stability over uneven terrain and ramp transitions.

Mid-wheel drive provides the tightest turning radiuses in their class and caster wheels absorb the shock of obstacles, offering outstanding handling and control.

  • Jazzy® Armor® includes shroud and controller guards to protect against daily wear and tear

  • Red or blue color-through shroud

  • Black high-back seat with removable, replaceable back and seat covers

  • Dual-layer powder coated frame for increased durability

  • Built with ease of service in mind

Jazzy® 614 HD


The Jazzy® 614 HD features patented Mid-wheel 6® technology and Active-Trac ATX Suspension for an outstanding level of performance, maneuverability and tight turning radius, all in one heavy-duty package.

Independent front casters raise and lower as needed to compensate instantly for changes in terrain, making transitions easy.

The Jazzy 614 HD features dual enhanced in-line motors for greater efficiency, torque, range and performance.

Independent drive wheel suspension allows each drive wheel to be independently supported by a dynamic spring-strut dampening system, reducing the vibrations caused by driving surfaces.

All-around performance indoors and out over most surfaces, inclines and slopes, makes the Jazzy 614 HD an excellent heavy-duty power chair choice.

  • Dual enhanced in-line motors for greater efficiency, torque, range and performance

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity

  • 6” casters on front & rear for maximum stability

  • Active-Trac® ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over more varied terrain

  • Easy rear access to batteries

  • Seating up to 24” W x 24” D

  • Tool-less shroud removal

  • Easy serviceability

  • Depth adjustable foot platform

jazzy hd
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