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More Frequently Asked Cpap Questions Episode 2

Q — My wife tells me I snore when I am using the CPAP. I thought this was supposed to stop that. What can I do about this?

There may need to be a subtle 1 or 2 cm adjustment in the PAP pressure setting to alleviate true snoring. The use of nasal decongestants, nasal steroids, or a nasal dilator such as nasal dilator strips may also improve nasal airflow and decrease the potential for snoring and/or mouth leaks. It is important to check the interface fit to ensure interface leaks are minimized. If your mouth is coming open or you are exhaling through your mouth, a chin strap may be helpful. Finally, make sure the exhalation port(s) on the interface are intact and functioning properly as the escaping air may be mistaken for snoring.

If none of these stops the snoring, you should contact your PAP provider and have them check that your PAP unit pressure is set according to your prescription. Your system may have a “ramp” feature that is set at a pressure too low for too long for your initial start each night. If your system has down- load technology, it would be good for the PAP provider to take a look at a download. If you continue to snore with the interface on, you should contact your sleep physician for further evaluation.

Q — Can I travel with my CPAP system? Are there any regulations I should be concerned about when I fly? Can I carry the system on the plane with me?

Travel with the newest generation of PAP machines is less problematic, as sizes of the machine and their carry-on cases have gotten smaller. Plan to carry the PAP machine onboard as carry-on luggage and be prepared to open the bag during the scanning process. A note from your physician describing the medical necessity of your equipment may also be helpful if the airline security personnel are unfamiliar with the equipment. Contact your HME provider for any special instructions for use and care of your equipment if traveling to different altitudes or countries.

In addition, be sure to carry your interface, bore tubing, and power cord with related converters in your bag. If you leave your humidifier at home, be sure that you have the necessary adapter(s) so that you can connect your bore tubing.

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