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    Easily track steps, workouts, sleep patterns and more to monitor activity levels throughout the day, week, month and year



    Comprehensive fitness tracker continuously records your body temperature, pulse rate, blood oxygen levels and blood pressure for easy monitoring



    Smart compatibility with both iOS and Android devices for use with the included Vive Fit app



    Equipped with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, the fitness watch provides up to 10 day of tracking per charge



    Simple design allows the fitness tracker to be recharged with any USB outlet, port or power bank



    Customize and navigate through the fitness tracker screens for easily viewing measurement and more

    Fitness Tracker

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    $29.99Sale Price
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    • Will the Vive fitness tracker display temperature and distance in both metric and imperial?

      Yes! The fitness tracker allows you to set the display for either metric or imperial measurements.

      Does the fitness tracker connect to an app?

      Yes! The fitness tracker easily integrates with the Vive Fit app that allows you to view historical data.

      How do I charge my Vive fitness tracker?

      The Vive fitness tracker may be charged with any USB outlet, port or power bank. Gently remove the lower wristband by pulling each end at a 45 degree angle to reveal the USB input. A full charge will take several hours.

      Is the Vive fitness tracker compatible with iphones?

      Yes, the fitness tracker is compatible with devices equipped with iOS 9.0 or later.

      Will the fitness tracker work with my Android phone?

      Yes, the Vive fitness tracker is compatible with Android devices equipped with android 4.4 or later.

      Does the fitness tracker include a charger?

      The Vive fitness tracker does not include a specific charger as it can be charged with any USB outlet, port or power bank.

      Is the Vive fitness tracker waterproof?

      The Vive fitness tracker is not waterproof, but it is IP68 water resistant for safe use while showering, in inclement weather and in shallow pools for up to 30 minutes.

      Does the fitness watch track your sleep?

      Yes, the Vive fitness watch monitors sleep activity, viewable on the Vive Fit app.

      Will the fitness tracker provide notifications from your phone as well?

      Yes, the Vive fitness tracker will display notifications such as incoming calls, text messages and alarms when paired with a compatible device.

      How long does the fitness tracker last per charge?

      The Vive fitness tracker is equipped with a long-lasting battery, providing tracking data for up to 10 days per charge.

      Does the display stay lit up all the time?

      The fitness tracker display goes dark when inactive.

      Is the fitness tracker band latex-free?

      Yes! The Vive fitness tracker is latex-free.

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