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    Ideal for protecting toes, foot and ankle following an injury or surgery while keeping bandages or casts dry and dirt-free



    Worn by both men and women, the surgical walking shoe is designed to provide a universal fit for the left or right foot as needed



    Two strong fastening straps easily adjust for a comfortable, yet secure fit around casts, bandages and wounds



    Generously wide, the square toe allows ample room for casts and bandages while protecting open toes from injury



    Rocker sole provides firm support for the arch while relieving painful pressure on the heel and forefoot



    Provides extra stability and greater traction to safely walk with a bandaged foot or an


Is this shoe for the right or left foot?

The post op shoe is designed to be worn on either the right or left foot.


Is the sole stiff or pliable?

The sole is very stiff. It is designed this way to give you extra support.


Is this considered a rocking type shoe?

Yes! The post op shoe has a rocker sole to reduce pressure on the heel and forefoot.


Can I wash the shoe?

Yes, the shoe can be hand washed with warm water and a mild detergent. Air dry completely before use.


How thick is the sole of this shoe?

The sole is approximately 1” thick at the widest part.


Will this fit wide feet?

Yes, the adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit of the shoe to accommodate most foot sizes.


Will the post op shoe protect my broken pinky toe?

Yes! The square toe design provides protection for all of the toes.


Does this come as a single shoe or as a pair?

The post op shoe is a single shoe that can be worn on either the left or right foot.


Will this fit over my cast?

Yes, each strap is adjustable to accommodate plaster and synthetic casts as well as bandages


Can I walk in the post op shoe?

Yes, the shoe is designed to protect your foot and ankle while walking.


Is this shoe latex-free?

Yes, the post op shoe is latex-free.








  • Protects foot and ankle while walking following an injury or surgery



  • Maximum-strength fastening material
  • Hypoallergenic foam


Universal Style:

  • Can be worn on either the left or right foot
  • Designed for use by men and wom


Post Op Shoe

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