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"Want to say thank you to Randy & the wonderful staff at the Guntersville store. Due to prolong illness & chronic conditions my uncle began to require oxygen about a year and a half ago. So long as he wore his oxygen, he felt well enough to do most daily activities. Unfortunately a large and cumbersome oxygen tank effected his ability to do the things he enjoyed. Family checked into smaller, portable concentrators that were advertised on t.v. but was very discouraged to learn that they cost thousands out of pocket. Thankfully there was a less expensive option, close to home. Because of the oxy go, he was able to work in his yard, go to church and still enjoy life. It has made such a difference. Thank you so much."

by VH





  • Overnight Oximetry    

                This is a great non-invasive test that can help a patient                                                  determine if they are experiencing sleep apnea or have  nocturnal                          oxygenation problem.

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