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Successful Sleep Starts with Quieting Your Mind


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Opti pillow sleep

The only nasal pillow mask that

​works without a CPAP machine

       FDA cleared.

       No power supply.

       No CPAP machine.

       No prescription.


       Ideal for use during flight, travel, or camping


bongo 1 lady sleeping with

The innovative  Bongo Rx  is a sleek

FDA-cleared EPAP device designed

for the treatment of mild to moderate OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).


Its soft silicone nasal pillows form a seal

just inside the nasal openings. When

inhaling, small valves in the OSA

nasal device open to allow you

to breathe normally.

When exhaling, the valves close,

which directs exhaled air

through precisely sized vent

holes to generate

EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure).

This keeps your airway open until

you inhale again, thereby

reducing the effects of OSA.

zzzcleaner for Cpap cleaning
toilet light
wireless tens
lift atlas spec specifications

Pride VivaLift Atlas PLR-985 Features:

  • Power Headrest

  • Power Backrest

  • Power Lumbar

  • USB Remote with soft-touch buttons

  • Lithium Battery Backup

  • Footrest Extension

  • Dual cup holders

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