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Lift Chairs 

Lift Chair in raised position

All of the following criteria must be met in order to consider coverage:

  • Patient must be able to ambulate once standing (cannot be used in conjunction with a wheelchair or POV)

  • Has severe arthritis of hip or knee or severe neuromuscular disease. Diagnosis required.

  • Must be a part of physician's course of treatment and be prescribed to effect improvement, or arrest or retard deterioration of the patient's condition.

  • Patient must be completely incapable of standing up from any chair in his/her home. The fact that a patient has difficulty or is even incapable of getting up from a chair, particularly a low chair, is not sufficient justification for a seat-lift mechanism. Almost all patients who are capable of ambulating can get out of an ordinary chair if the seat height is appropriate and the chair has arms.

  • Once standing, the patient must have the ability to ambulate.

(If you meet the above criteria your insurance may cover the cost of the lift mechanism)

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