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Resources For Medical Professionals

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  DWOPD - Detailed Written Order Prior to Delivery DME
click here

Qualifications For 


Manual Mobility

Script click here

Power Mobility

  • Power Wheelchair click here

  • Power Mobility Questionnaire Click Here

  • Power Mobility Detail Product Description click here

  • Power Mobility Detail Product Description

                                                                     for Heavy Duty click here

Wound Pump

                      NPWT Wound Therapy click here

Lymphedema Pump
  •   Coverage Criteria for Chronic Venous Insufficiency with Venous Stasis Ulcers click here          

  •   Coverage Criteria for Lymphedema click here

  •   Script for Lymphedema Pump click here​​

  •   Pneumatic Compression Device CMS 846 click here



                 Most common ICD 10 Codes click here

                 Statement to Justify order click here


                 Blank Delivery Ticket Click Here


                 Medical Release Form Click Here

                 Against Medical Advice click here

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