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Great for everyday support, the Vive ankle wraps stabilize weak or injured ankles to relieve pain and swelling. The set of two ankle wraps are made with a lightweight, breathable material that gently stretches to fit most adults and provides therapeutic compression. Washable and odor-resistant, the dual ankle wraps are ideal for weightlifting, volleyball, basketball, hiking, running, and exercising.


  • Active, All-day Support:
    Perfect for everyday use, the Vive ankle wraps provide comfortable support for ankle sprains, strains, plantar fasciitis, ankle instability, tendonitis, and minor ankle injuries. The set of two ankle wraps are flexible for optimal support while running, hiking, weightlifting, and everyday tasks.

  • Customizable Compression:
    Stabilizing the ankles in a neutral position, the versatile ankle wraps allow you to easily adjust the level of therapeutic compression. The compression wraps help reduce swelling and inflammation and promote natural healing.

  • Nonslip, Open Heel Design:
    Lined with nonslip silicone strips to prevent sliding and bunching, the Vive ankle wraps feature an open heel for greater comfort and flexibility. The thin, yet supportive ankle wrap design is easily worn over or under socks and comfortably fits in most athletic, casual, and dress shoes.

  • Breathable Blend:
    Staying comfortably cool and odor-free, the Vive ankle wraps are made with a latex-free breathable blend and a strong fastener material for a secure fit. The ankle wraps easily stretch to accommodate most foot and ankle sizes and feature mesh foot loops to prevent unwanted movement


What’s Included:

Vive Ankle Wraps - Set of two

Ankle Wraps

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