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    Quick-drying, the reversible mesh arm sling allows water to easily pass through for comfortable use in the shower and bath


    Exceptionally soft mesh material is lightweight and breathable to stay cool and dry throughout the day


    Designed to stabilize the arm and wrist with moderate support for common injuries, sprains, strains and fatigue


    Designed for easy, one-handed adjustments, the neck strap features a strong fastener for a customizable fit


    Padded with lightweight foam, the wrap provides comfortable cushioning for the neck strap


    Easy to clean, the mesh arm sling is machine washable



What is the mesh made of?

The Vive mesh arm sling is made with a soft, polyester mesh material.


How long is the padded shoulder strap?

The adjustable shoulder strap measures x” in length for a customizable fit.


How long is the sling from elbow to the end?

The Vive mesh arm sling measures x” from the elbow to the opening at the wrist.


Will this arm sling work for either arm?

Yes! The Vive mesh arm sling is reversible for comfortable use on the left or right arm as needed.


Is this arm sling safe for showering in?

Yes! Quick-drying and designed to allow water to flow through, the mesh arm sling is perfect for showering and bathing.


Can I adjust the sling to elevate my hand above my heart?

Yes, for most individuals the shoulder strap may be shortened to position the hand above the heart.


Does the arm sling have a loop for your thumb?

Yes! The mesh arm sling includes an integrated thumb loop to minimize fatigue by promoting a neutral hand position.


Is the neck strap comfortable?

Yes, the adjustable strap features a removable padded wrap for greater comfort.


Is the mesh arm sling waterproof?

While not waterproof, the mesh sling is quick-drying and designed to allow water to easily pass through for safe use in the shower or bath.


Is the arm sling washable?

Yes! The Vive mesh arm sling is machine washable in cold water. Allow to air dry completely before use.





  • For providing stabilizing support for the wrist, arm and shoulder following a sprain, strain or injury
  • For minimizing fatigue due to overuse


  • Polyester mesh
  • Foam padding

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash the mesh sling in cold water with a mild detergent
  • Allow to air dry completely before use

What’s Included:

  • Mesh Arm Sling

Mesh Arm Sling

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$16.99Sale Price
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