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    Dorsiflexion angled wedge shifts weight to the heel to relieve pain and pressure on the toe and forefoot



    Ideal following hammertoe or mallet toe corrective surgery, bunionectomy and related foot surgeries



    Generously wide, the open square toe allows ample room for bandages while protecting the toes from injury



    Neutral design fits the left or right foot with two fastener straps for a comfortable fit that accommodates swelling and bandages



    Providing superior support, the post op sole is deeply textured for greater traction on any surface



    Exceptionally lightweight, the post op shoe features a breathable mesh upper for greater comfort


Is the offloading shoe for the right or left foot?

The  offloading post op shoe is designed to be worn on either the right or left foot.


Does the offloading post op shoe reduce pressure on broken toes?

Yes! The offloading angled wedge design reduces painful pressure on sore, injured or broken toes.


Does the offloading walking shoe allow you to walk on your heel?

Yes! The angled wedge design shifts the weight on to the heel while walking.


Is the sole stiff or pliable?

The sole of the offloading post op shoe is very stiff and textured to provide greater traction.


How do I clean the offloading walking shoe?

The offloading walking shoe can be hand washed with warm water and a mild detergent. Allow to air dry completely before use.


Will the offloading shoe fit wide feet?

Yes! The post op shoe includes adjustable straps with extender tabs to allow you to customize the fit of the shoe as well as accommodate swelling and bandages.


Will the post op shoe protect my broken pinky toe?

Yes! The offloading shoe will relieve painful pressure on the toe and offer protection from bumps and jarring with the square toe box.


Does the offloading post op shoe come as a single shoe or as a pair?

The offloading post op shoe is a single shoe that can be worn on either the left or right foot.


Can I walk in the post op shoe?

Yes! The offloading post op shoe is designed to protect your toes and forefoot while walking.


Can I drive while wearing the offloading post op shoe?

It is not recommended for use while driving as the wedge design may become caught on the pedal.


Will the offloading shoe help a small foot ulcer heal?

Yes, the offloading wedge will relieve pressure on the foot ulcer to promote healing.



  • For relieving painful pressure on the toes and forefoot following injury or surgery
  • For protecting the foot following a bunionectomy or corrective surgery for hammertoes or mallet toes



  • X-Small: Women’s 4-7
  • Small: Men's: 6-8, Women's: 7.5-10
  • Medium: Men's: 8.5-10, Women's: 10.5-13
  • Large: Men's: 10.5-12
  • X-Large: Men's: 12.5-14







Offloading Post Op shoe

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