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    Wirelessly connects to most iOS and Android devices for easy tracking with the Vive Precision app



    Provides fast, accurate body weight measurements up to 400 pounds in pounds, kilograms or stone



    Features step-on activation and a convenient auto-off function to preserve battery life



    Constructed with a gently rounded tempered glass platform and nonslip feet for a secure user experience



    The scale’s bright LED display features large, easy to read numerals

Smart Digital Scale

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  • Will the smart digital scale weigh accurately when placed on a carpeted floor?

    No, it is recommended that the digital scale be used on a hard, flat surface only for accurate readings.

    Can I connect this scale to my smartphone?

    Yes! The digital scale wirelessly connects to iOS and Android devices via the Vive Precision app for easily viewing and tracking your weight.

    Will my weight stay on the display after I step off the bathroom scale?

    The bright LED screen will display the measured weight for a few seconds. The results can also be viewed at any time on the Vive Precision app.

    Can I store my digital scale upright?

    Yes, the Vive Precision scale can be stored in an upright position, however, it may need to be reinitialized before using again. To do this, step in the center of the scale, step off and allow to turn off, approximately 10 seconds before stepping on to measure your weight.

    Does the Vive smart digital scale store my measurements?

    The smart scale only displays the current weight, however, previous measurements can be viewed when using a connected device and the Vive Precision app.

    How do I change the unit of measure on the digital scale?

    To change the unit of measure, locate the UNIT button on the inside of the battery compartment. Press the button once for stone and twice for kilograms. Press the button a third time to return to pounds.

    What is Step-On Activation?

    Step-On activation means as soon as you step on the scale, the high-precision scale will begin measuring your weight. There is no need to tap to wake up the scale or step on and off again before reading your weight.

    How do I get the most accurate measurement?

    To ensure the most accurate measurement, please place the scale on a hard flat surface. Start your measurement at least 2 hours after waking up or eating. Avoid measuring immediately after exercising, bathing, dining, and drinking; or after using a sauna or jacuzzi. It is important to weigh yourself consistently during the same time of the day; using the same scale and in the same location.

    How do I maintain and clean my scale?

    To clean your Vive Precision digital scale, use a soft, lint-free cloth with alcohol or glass cleaner. Do not submerge or immerse your scale in water. To avoid discoloring, damaging, or malfunctioning the scale do not use harmful chemicals or abrasive materials to clean the scale.

    What type of batteries do I need for the digital scale?

    The Vive Precision digital scale requires three AAA batteries. The first set is included with your purchase.

    What are the dimensions of the scale?

    The scale is 11.81” by 12.19” and is 0.97” thick.

    Can I use the digital scale if I have a pacemaker?

    The digital scale is not safe for people with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers, metal plates, screws or contraceptive appliances.

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