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Healthcare professional visiting a patient
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Signs and Symptoms

Q - Do you snore?  Wake up tired or have daytime sleepiness?

          Morning headaches? Have you been short of breath and have

          had oximetry performed while you awake with a reading of 94% or less?

A - Then you may have Sleep Apnea or a Nocturnal Oxygenation Problem.

      Our Overnight Oximetry Test can determine if you need a Sleep Study or Nocturnal Oxygen


Q - Do you feel tired, have difficulty breathing, cough, anxiety and and confusion.

A - Non-invasive therapy. This therapy is similar to Cpap as far as what the patient has to do. They will wear a Cpap mask hooked to the Trilogy via tubing. By wearing this at night, during sleep, this help the patient reduce their CO2 retention. You will see a lot less hospitalizations with use. Patients that could not get out of the recliner are know able to get their own mail. 

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