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The Luna G3 CPAP (LG3500) and Auto PAP (LG3600) devices are packed with features all in a smaller, more modern footprint and design


The full-color LED screen offers crystal clear resolution. Single dial with ultra-intuitive design. Easy patient setup and smaller footprint. The humidifier has a large, 350ml chamber and unique and simple "push" design making removal of the humidifier chamber easier for patients with a range of dexterity issues.


The Luna G3 CPAP and Auto PAP devices offer many features to assist in increasing patient comfort. Ramp time from 0-60 minutes offers additional time for patients to acclimate to increasing pressures. An integrated heated humidifier and heated tubing are standard on both the CPAP and Auto PAP devices. Our RESlex™ Exhalation Relief has multiple settings and eases the exhalation process making it easier for a patient to breathe out against the air flow. A bedside clock is integrated into the device, and you can also choose to set reminders for your resupply!


The Luna G3 CPAP and Auto PAP devices have many ways to connect to obtain patient compliance data. Cellular Modems are standard on the Luna G3 CPAP and Auto PAP devices. Patients can utilize the 3B Luna QR code and download their results via the app or utilize an optional Wi-Fi Module. Data can also be downloaded utilizing the standard (included) SD card or unique iCode string.

Luna G3 CPAP & Auto PAP

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