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HIP PAIN - BURSITIS Treatment - Part 4 - Final


There are multiple causes of hip bursitis. Uneven leg length, scoliosis, overuse, and repetitive motion to name a few. Taking care of your feet with orthotics can take some of the stress off of your hips. All of your joints, from your ankles up to your spine are connected and when one is out of alignment it can affect the others. Talk to your doctor or a chiropractor to determine if you need a specific orthotic for your imbalance.

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your hip pain. Here is a list of changes you should consider making.

· Lose weight if necessary

· Avoid high-impact activities

· Avoid squatting

· Stop if you are experiencing pain

· Correct conditions that place stress on your hips (uneven leg length and scoliosis)

Warm up before exercise and cool down after

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

Hip bursitis can be a painful condition that affects your everyday life. Thankfully, the condition is often successfully treated at home with simple remedies. If you find that home treatment is not enough then medical treatment may be necessary. Always talk to your doctor before you begin treatment to develop a plan that is specific to your situation

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